Carrie Nation Grappa D’UVA

Carrie Nation Grappa D’UVA

Carrie Nation Grappa D’Uva is named after the six-foot-tall hatchet-wielding persona of the Temperance movement who entered saloons with a greeting “Good morning, destroyer of men’s souls.”

She then would “hatchetise” saloons whilst singing hymns. After famous boxer and proprietor John Sullivan ran and hid at the sight of Carrie’s entrance, it became apparent that men of Congress would follow suit and vote for prohibition.

Combining traditional methods of Italian Grappa makers and French Cognac and Armagnac distillers with our own innovations, Carrie Nation Grappa D’Uva is the very definition of Old World meets New. Distilled in an all-copper still from wine and fresh-from-the-press grape pomace, using very select cut, Carrie Nation results in rich and elegant “heart.” It is further pampered in oak barrels to round the taste.

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