Carrie Nation Gin


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Carrie Nation Spirits are named after the six-foot-tall hatchet-wielding persona of the Temperance movement who entered saloons with a greeting “Good morning, destroyer of men’s souls.” She then would “hatchetise” saloons whilst singing hymns. After famous boxer and proprietor John Sullivan ran and hid at the sight of Carrie’s entrance, it became apparent that men of Congress would follow suit and vote for prohibition. Our Gin represents the distilled essence of the beautiful Central Coast. The spirit comes from locally grown grapes which add gentle character to the mix. Many botanicals such as rosemary, lavender and Seville orange are grown in our own backyard and fresh water is drawn from our local artisanal well. Carrie Nation Gin brings to you the magical flavors of the Central Coast.


Proof and Volume: 750ml, 90 proof.

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