Two Foxes California Grappa D’UVA


Combining traditional methods of Italian Grappa makers and French Cognac and Armagnac distillers with our own innovations, Two Foxes Grappa D’Uva is the very definition of Old World meets New. Distilled in small batches in all-copper pot still from wine and fresh-from-the-press grape pomace using strict cut, Two Foxes results in rich and elegant “heart”. It is further pampered in oak barrels to round the taste. Two Foxes Grappa D’Uva is barrel strength, so proceed with caution and respect..

The name, Two Foxes was inspired by an occasion when we dumped left-over fermented skins in the orchard. Promptly, two red foxes showed up, devoured the skins, then unsteadily waddled off. The drawing was done by Anatoly’s seven year old daughter who witnessed the event.

Barrel strength, copper pot, single batch distilled grapes from a single vineyard. 750ml, 109.4 proof.

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